Jeffy’s Coming Out Party

August 4, 2011

Hey all.

We got a new logo, made by the lovely Chelsea Maida. As soon as I have a hi-res copy, rest assured it will be spammed everywhere. Until then, you’ll just have to order the new MATT WIXSON’S FLYING CIRCUS record from Community Records Dot Org and see it posted on the back. 🙂


So Matt Wixson has a band. They’ve been playing shows for quite a while now. They’ve played Disasterfest and Block Party. They’ve made probably the best parody t-shirt I’ve ever seen. And a week from today they’ll be hitting the road once again (click here for tour dates). And with that, in conjunction with our best buds down at Community Records, we bring you MWFC’s first release, JEFFY.

Click HERE to order the physical copy from Community Records.


Click the cover below to download it for free!

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Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus – Jeffy (8.4.2011)
1. They Can’t Fix Me
2. Perpetual Emotion Machine
3. The Architect
4. People of Zee Wurl, Relax!
5. I Have A Thing
6. Drinking Hymn of the Republic

Linter Notes:
JEFFY, the very first release (and very second recording) by MATT WIXSON’S FLYING CIRCUS. While attempting to come up with a title for this EP, Mike suggested we name it as if it were our child. The first name out of his mouth ended up the title. None of us know a Jeffy. I don’t think anyone really does. Anyway, here’s some information that may be useful in the process of enjoying this release. Thanks! — MWFC

THEY CAN’T FIX ME is about a friend of mine who kind of had a mental catastrophe. It scared the hell out of me, because there was nothing I could do to help, and I was sure I would be there, too, one day.

PERPETUAL EMOTION MACHINE is about a two-way street of loneliness. It’s about the unfulfilled desires to have someone special and to be someone special to someone else. This was previously released by Matt as a solo song.

THE ARCHITECT is about control and failure. It’s about taking the chance to let other people in, and how if you decide to go it alone you have no one else to blame for the outcomes of things. If you think this sounds a bit like Against Me! in the beginning, but I promise it owes more to a Lily Allen song.

PEOPLE OF ZEE WURL, RELAX! is basically about the conquering of desire. It’s about living in the moment and then coming to regret choices made. It’s about Buddhism.

I HAVE A THING is about straight guys and the gay songwriters they love to torment. We’re stoked about our bud Bud’s trombone solo.

DRINKING HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC is a parody of drinking songs. It is also a drinking song. This definitely has more instruments on it than any other song on the EP, thanks to Matt’s melodica and Mark, Adam, and Bud from CbJ.

Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus is:
Matt Wixson – guitars, vocals, keys
Mike Land – drums, vocals, percussion
Josh Young – bass guitar, vocals

Additional Musicians:
Bud Koltys – trombone
Mark Van Baak – tenor sax
Adam Gill – trumpet
Produced by MWFC and Ben Wixson
Engineered by Ben Wixson

In loving memory of Mitchell Dubey. Special thanks to: the Land household, the Wixson family, Josh’s mother, Jerry Cottec, Aaron Hibbert, Greg Rodrigue, D-Ray, We Are The Union, Rob Bates, King Django, CbJ, Lindsay Sanderson, Markie Tilton, Downtown Brown, Paranoia Dance Party, Jay Reed, A Billion Ernies, CJ Curran, Ren Dickson, Seized Up, ATG, Evan Roy, Larry Firmin, Informant, Sonic Boom Six, every single person reading this, and lastly Ben Miotke and the other drunk bitches.
Download: CommunityRecords.org and OpenHandRecords.com
Keep Up: mattwixson.tumblr.com and facebook.com/mattwixsonmusic
Contact: mattywixson@gmail.com

They Can’t Fix Me
I realize the situation at this time can’t be verified
But I know if I was you and I was standing in your shoes I’d be terrified
The only thing that I’m good for is pointing the blame
But I have no one to scream at and nobody to blame this time
Got no solutions, all I have is motivation and energy
I feel so powerless, I just wish that I could do anything
And I just and I just and I just and I just wanna help
So that everyone’s better prepared when I need it myself
I can’t fix you, they can’t fix me
I can’t fix you, and that’s terrifying
Perpetual Emotion Machine
I’m getting tired of being put up with
Like I’m not too much of a pain
And I’m getting sick of the passive relationships
Nobody cares either way
And you could go a month without me
Or you could see me everyday
I’m just a lukewarm feeling, an inoffensive gray
I’m getting bored of withholding affection
For anyone other than me
And I’m getting rather annoyed at the way
I’m alone when I go out to eat
Because my heart is overflowing
But no one’s there to catch the spill
I’m just a fire burning that you won’t ever feel
And so I need someone to love me
Like I need someone to love
How convenient that I fit the bill
The only one to plug into
This equation of isolation
This simulation of masturbation
The Architect
Back a long long time ago
Several billion years or so there was a god
He knew all there was to know
He made the universe just so but it was flawed
Maybe he felt a little rushed
Maybe a week was not enough to get it right
Maybe the limits of the limitless
Are cleared if you just give it one more night
It’s such a shame
When the architect lets the building fall to flame
No one can edit so no one takes credit
And no one takes the blame
Back an hour or two ago
Somewhere on an empty road there was a man
Who had a drink and had a smoke
Who had the inside of a joke, who had a plan
With his stable full of friends
Like better means to bitter ends, he headed home
With so much at his fingertips
The good and bad relationships, he was alone
It’s such a shame
When the architect lets the building fall to flame
No one can edit so no one takes credit
And no one takes the blame
People of Zee Wurl, Relax!
Another night of happy moments
Another morning of regrets
Another week of losing focus
On becoming somebody I can respect
I tell myself that it’s the last time
But I know that I’m going to be here again
Another night of feeling sorry
But you don’t understand what for
Abuse of mind, abuse of body
In an attempt to simply satisfy the soul
I tell myself that it’s the last time
But I know that I’m going to be here again
This pounding punishment
Not sure I deserve this
This pounding punishment
None of this is worth this
Whoa, na na na I can’t break out
Another night of self-indulgence
To reaffirm that I’m a man
One more return to my old weakness
Cuz after all, yeah after all, I’m just a man
I tell myself that it’s the last time
But I know that I’m going to be here again
This pounding punishment
Not sure I deserve this
This pounding punishment
None of this is worth this
Whoa, na na na I can’t break out
Another night of mutilation
Another twisting of the knife
Another night of deprivation
In this day-in, day-out hangover life
I Have a Thing
I have a thing for guys who have a thing for chicks
I swear it’s not intentional, attraction never is
You have a thing I can’t and you love to show it off
You have a thing for playing games like I have a thing for loss
And I’m getting deeper, deeper
I have some things to teach, you have some things I could correct
And you’ll end up a better man and I’ll end up a wreck
I have some things called wounds, you have a thing called salt
It’s either let you rub it in or not talk to you at all
And I’m getting deeper, deeper
You have a thing for me having a thing for you
I have nothing to justify the things we put me through
And I’m getting deeper, deeper
Drinking Hymn of the Republic
Oh I can drown my sorrows in the bottom of a glass
I kind of feeling like dying but instead I’m getting smashed
You say that it’s unhealthy, I say blow it out your ass
Tonight I’m getting drunk
Cuz I can drown my sorrows in the bottom of a glass
I kind of feeling like dying but instead I’m getting smashed
You say I have a problem, I say no one fucking asked you
Tonight I’m getting drunk
Pour me pour me more tequila



April 30, 2011





April 30, 2011

Just too confirm the rumors going around, there will not be a Disasterfest this summer. However, what you SHOULD do, is check out all of the bands that would have played it anyway, since most of them are touring this summer (probably near you / definitely in new england).

Chris and I have enjoyed the hell out of the last two years of Disasterfests. We’ve both put in a lot of our time, effort, and money, to something that we felt was worth it, and I feel like the end result was beyond what I could have hoped for. However, the harsh reality is that gas is really expensive (especially this year). Bands drive thousands of miles in the summer, and need to break even on some level, otherwise touring becomes an impossibility. Having a one-off fest (like Block Party in New Orleans, or The Fest in Gainesville) would be cool, because people would be able to work, and make money, and save up for what would be more of a weekend trip than a tour stop. But bands tour in the summer, and when you have between six and eight touring bands all coming to the same place at the same time, tours start to overlap, guarantees are compromised and compromised again, and band funds diminish greatly, as was the case last year. Now, I would be totally down with having Disasterfest be a one-off show that people travel to, but being in New England, summer is the only real time the weather would be agreeable for something of this nature, and as we all know, summer is the only real time most DIY bands are able to tour.

Another thing I was unhappy with regarding Disasterfest, was that there were so many touring bands, that I was unable to accurately showcase the awesomeness of the local bands of Massachusetts (and CT), solely due to time constraints. When all was said and done, I had room for maybe four or five local bands (one of which was obviously going to be my band), and both years, we had at least one drop off last minute. There are obviously much more than five good local bands in Massachusetts, and I feel like Disasterfest was almost a disservice to our local scene in that sense.

What I am planning this year is to have a bunch of smaller shows throughout the summer to accommodate all the bands who are still touring to New England. And each smaller show will give me an opportunity to showcase different locals who are working hard to make a name for themselves in the scene that has treated us all so well over the years. I’m not expecting anyone to travel great distances for these shows (as they did with Disasterfest), but since these tours are going all over the place, nobody will really have to. It’s a great opportunity to represent your own area, and your local scene, by showing up to these shows and supporting the touring bands, no matter where you live.

Shows we’ve got so far include:

6/26 – Paranoia Dance Party!, Atlas The Atom Smasher, Fugue, & more @ The Dirty Douglas in Lowell, MA


7/2 – A Billion Ernies, Caddywhompus, Atlas The Atom Smasher, & more @ The Raven in Worcester, MA


Shows we’re still working on setting up:

Informant, The Best Of The Worst, This Is A Stick Up, and a few more.

Thank you all so much for all of your support over these past few years.

I love you all, and hope that I can make something bigger and better happen next year for you all.





March 22, 2011

I haven’t updated this thing in ages. Sorry about that. How about a play-by-play for each band?

Paranoia Dance Party will be releasing a brand new full length album entitled “Surroundings” tentatively scheduled for the end of April. They’ve posted two of the songs on their bandcamp page and well… they’re awesome. Two words: Herbert West.

Atlas The Atom Smasher just finished up a rocking tour of the southeast in support of their latest EP entitled “Roots Gone Rotten”, including a few dates in Louisiana and Mississippi with Les Doux. Roots Gone Rotten was released March 9th at Atlas’s tour kickoff in Lowell, MA, and can be found on their bandcamp page.

Earlier this year, The Best Of The Worst worked together with John Komar of Kinarf Music Videos to release a music video for their song “Blood Drive Pride.” Blood Drive Pride is the first track on TBOTW’s side of a split 7″ record with Tomahawk Chop of Long Island, NY, which is available in their WEBSTORE. The Best Of The Worst will also be performing at this year’s Community Records Block Party in New Orleans in April. New Merch is also in the works, but more on that later.

Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus will also be reppin the Open Hand at Block Party this year. Also, Matt started up a tumblr site a while ago, which you should definitely follow if you do the tumblr thing. More up-to-date updates, singles off of upcoming releases, and an army of musicians covering Matt Wixson songs can be found there.

This Is A Stick Up is writing in preparation of recording their next release. Any update on upcoming tours is still TBA, but if you live in New York or New England, expect to see some sweaty smelly boys this summer.

When was the last time I updated this? Anyway, we’ve welcomed a new band to the Open Hand family. They are Les Doux, a three-piece bluesy screamo outfit from Hattiesburg, MS. We haven’t released anything from them yet, but they have a self-titled EP up for stream on their bandcamp site to hold you over until we do. Les Doux played a few dates of Atlas The Atom Smasher’s spring tour, and killed it every night. Look forward to very sweet things from these guys.

Anyway, with summer right around the corner, things are going to start happening more frequently very soon, so expect more updates in the not-too-distant future. Also, feel free to follow Open Hand Records on our new(ish) Twitter account.

I love you all.
❤ Aaron


tragwag & stick it out

October 17, 2010

Yeah yeah yeah!

Here’s two acoustic releases from Stick It Out and That Really Awesome Guy With A Guitar! Lyrics and explanations included with each! Enjoy!

That Really Awesome Guy With A Guitar – When Everyone Else Is Gone (2010)
1. Still Here
2. Lowell Song
3. Snow Symphony
4. Percival Pool Circa 1998
5. Sometimes
6. Live This Dream
7. Here To Play

Stick It Out – Dear Wife, Dear Kids (2010)
1. Self Awareness
2. Dear Wife, Dear Kids
3. It Was For Nothing

Tyler and Ed are both great dudes working hard to create and play great music. I hope you all enjoy both of these releases!


Two solo acoustic releases coming at ya this weekend.

October 13, 2010

Hey all,

Sorry I haven’t really updated anything in a long while. There hasn’t been too much to report.
But this weekend, we’ll be releasing two free (mostly) acoustic EPs by members of bands you may already know.

The first EP, “Dear Wife, Dear Kids,” is by Stick It Out, the solo acoustic project of Ed Hall from the late A Waragainstsound. It’s a three-track EP, with harshly biting lyrics and explanations included. Stick It Out toured the UK with Ducking Punches shortly after the breakup of AWAS. Since then, Ed has also started a new project by the name of Ignorance Is This.
Stick It Outhttp://www.myspace.com/stickitoutukacoustic

The second is “When Everyone Else Is Gone,” by That Really Awesome Guy With A Guitar (TRAGWAG), which is the mainly acoustic solo project of Tyler Bisson from Atlas The Atom Smasher. TRAGWAG has toured multiple times, including a full US tour summer 2009, and a bunch of weekend tours summer 2010. Physical copies of this release were sold/given out this past summer while on tour with Midi & The Modern Dance, and it includes a lot of songs that Tyler generally included in his live sets.


more d-fest pics

July 31, 2010

I would suggest adding Lindsay Sanderson, Emily Byram, and Mary Jacobs on facebook before trying to view all of these.

Lindsay Sanderson’s photos:
Day 1, part 1
Day 1, part 2

Emily Byram’s photos:
Day 1
Day 2
More Day 2
Emily’s Favorites

Mary Jacobs’s photos:
Both days

Mary Jacobs’s photography page: (like on facebook!)
Stuck Lucky, Day 1 & 2
A Billion Ernies, Day 1 & 2