So how about an actual update?

July 23, 2009

So next Thursday, July 30th, as many of you may know, our buddies at Community Records will be having what they call a “Download Day.” In fact, it’s their third one (awesome!). For anyone who has not yet participated in a download day, basically on July 30th a bunch of new and old albums will be available for free download along with all of the other free music already available. Once the music goes up, it stays up as long as the website exists. Breaking down the walls between the musicians and the listeners by releasing free music is a truly awesome thing. So in the spirit of doing good things, we are going to add some more fun to the party, and have our own!

July 30th, we will be releasing the following albums:

The Best Of The Worst – “Quarter Life Crisis”
This was self-released in hard copy last year, and is still available in hard copy, but being the great dudes that they are, they decided to finally release this for free. (There are a ton of these CDs left, so please feel free to still buy one!)

Matt Wixson – “The Saddest EP” & “Season Finale”
Matt is releasing two brand new EPs, one of which is all acoustic, the other fully-orchestrated reggae/ska. Matt has officially released half of the albums available on OHR. ❤

Matt Wixson – “Best Intentions”
This one was released on Caffeine Tambourine some time ago, but has since been lost within the confines of the internets. Matt wanted to make sure it was still available to anyone who would be interested. Great album. One of my favorites that Matt has written.

Babylon Party Machine – “God Hates Babylon Party Machine”
Fred Pheeeeeeelps… This one was also released a while ago through Caffeine Tambourine. Same story. Great album. Re-releasing for the purpose of accessibility, and because it’s awesome.

The Cutoff Frequency – “The Frequency Of Love”
I’ll be honest, I begged Alex to let me put this one up. This is the precursor to “Back To The Underpass” and while obviously being an earlier, less polished album, is still nostalgic for me, and makes me happy every time I listen to it. I hope it does the same for you.

The Positive Downside – “As Liberators”
This band has been inactive for quite a while, but about a year ago, they put out this record for free, and I honestly just thought that more people should have it. Soulful Connecticut ska from some dudes who know how to play it well. Great musicianship, great solos, fun covers.

Informant – “Nothing Ever Changes”
This is a new release, and the followup to Informant’s self-titled debut EP. So progressive. So driven. So excellent. Something great about this album is that it is also available for free download through community records. Greg from Community Records approached me earlier this year about doing a joint release of this album, and Informant and I were all for it. As a community, it is important to work together to accomplish great things, be it music, or anything else in life. Informant’s first tour earlier this year was cut short by vehicle troubles, but I expect nothing short of excellence from them in all of their future endeavors. Look forward to seeing this band.

This is the list so far. We may add to it. We may not. I am stoked for everyone to hear these albums that I love so much.


This will include:
INFORMANT – Nothing Ever Changes
THE FLAMING TSUNAMIS – Zombies vs. Robots & Focus The Fury
A BILLION ERNIES – Collection of older tunes
THE ROOKS – New 8 Song Album
ARM THE POOR – Misery EP & newer stuffs
INFAMOUS JAKE & THE PINSTRIPE MAFIA – the beginning of the end
& possibly more stuff To Be Announced.

❤ Aaron.

ALSO: The Disregardables have finally finished their album “Exit Strategy”! Look forward to an album release within the next couple months. For now, they’ve put two songs on their myspace. Stoked. myspace.com/thedisregardables

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