August 7, 2009

Hey all! right now, I’m posting from Port City Java, in New Bern, NC. I’m sitting in sweet air conditioning, drinking smoothies, and chillin with TBOTW and Sam Gursky from Long Island. Life ROOLZ. But anyway, TBOTW is playing with Andrew Jackson Jihad tonight right around the corner from here, then we head to the annual Mass Ska Raid tomorrow in Atlanta, then we head back to NC the next day, to play with a bunch more bands. I’m pretty stoked, even though it’s hot as balls everywhere except this cafe.

Here’s Jimmy Haidacher with Big Boy.

This weekend has been pretty fun so far, (even though Liz pointed out that I’ve been sleeping for most of it. haha). If you’re interested, you can follow along (NOT ON TWITTER). Sam is posting a tour blog just for this weekend. You can read it here! It’s gonna include some sweet pics, and maybe a video or two if we can figure out how to upload it. ❤

Stay cool!
❤ Aaron.

P.S. Don't forget to download all the sweet new albums we uploaded last week!

One comment

  1. you gotta drag tbotw up to new england on your back.

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