OHR Sampler Vol. 2

August 8, 2009

Hey all.

You may have recently picked up a CD-R with some sick music on it (entitled “OHR Sampler Vol. 2”) from me or one of the OHR bands. Here’s the track listing. By the end of this weekend, you will also be able download this (as well as the old sampler) via the “samplers” link on your right. Tell all your friends. ❤


1. Paranoia Dance Party! – Help!Help!Help!Help!
2. This Is A Stick Up – Dude, Bro, Lacrosse
3. Informant – An Embarrassment
4. The Disregardables – By Our Powers Combined (previously unreleased)
5. The Cutoff Frequency – Danny pt. 2
6. Tyrannosaurus Sex – Stop The Vote
7. Matt Wixson – I Apologize
8. Detonate – Delirium
9. The Best Of The Worst – Living Your Life On A Misinterpretation
10. Tyrannosaurus Sex – Mind Control Machine
11. Informant – Repeat, Digress
12. Babylon Party Machine – Chawalaleng The Ayer (Pilfers / Flo Rida Remix)
13. Aaron Hibbert – Skin (previously unreleased)
14. The Best Of The Worst – Fivezerothree
15. The Cutoff Frequency – As We Move Along
16. Babylon Party Machine – Pink Sheep
17. Marx Revolution – Save Your Soul
18. The Disregardables – Is The Kangaroo Alright? (previously unreleased)
19. Matt Wixson – Cheating On The Future
20. This Is A Stick Up – Part 1: In Spite Of
21. Paranoia Dance Party! – We’ll Meet Again Yesterday


❤ Aaron.


  1. No album art?

  2. nevermind.

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