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OHR Semiformal ’10

October 21, 2009

so stoked that this is finally getting close!
join the facebook group for updates!

❤ Aaron.


R.I.P. Disregardable-mobile

October 18, 2009

Hey everyone.

The Disregardables’ tour van broke down just outside of boston this past friday. James is hanging out in the northeast for a few days, but everyone else had to fly (or find some other means of transportation) home. So I guess it goes without saying that the tour will not go on as planned. However, James assures me that as soon as they have a new van, they’ll be starting up right where they left off. Go send them some love if you get a chance. ❤



October 14, 2009

This thread is all good news.

Matt Wixson’s new album, “Honest Living,” is AWESOME and will be up for download sometime on Tuesday, November 3rd. Hey Michigan, learn the songs right away so you can sing along at Ska Is Dead in Detroit on the 6th!

The Best Of The Worst’s “Calling From The Grave” EP release shows will be November 27th in Brooklyn, NY, and November 28th in (North Brunswick?), NJ. Great bands on both shows. I am so stoked. The album will likely be up sometime before that.

OHR Semiformal 2010 is coming along nicely. New England, get ready for a sweet show!

❤ Aaron.



October 11, 2009

Hey guys. Bad news.

There is a much longer version of this story posted in the forum, but long story short –

there may or may not be some legal complications going down between This Is A Stick Up, Kalashnikov Records [and the ghost of Billy Mays]. And as a result, there is a chance that we may be forced to remove the band’s debut full-length “Cartography” from our library at a later date, possibly later this week. If you have not already downloaded this album, please do, as if and when it comes down, it will be down permanently. If you are interested in the full story as told by the band, feel free to read here.

TIASU is a very dedicated group of hardworking musicians, and they are [quite possibly] about to get fucked pretty hard. All we’re asking is that you download and share their music while it’s still available.

On a lighter note, becky FINALLY posted those pictures from North Carolina. Here’s one!

Thanks becky!

Sorry for the shitty news everyone!

❤ Aaron.



October 5, 2009

Hey there all. Just a few updates.

– last week, a few of us participated in an autism awareness walk. over 1400 people attended. it was awesome.
– the disregardables are still on tour, and will be on tour until sometime in december.
– matt wixson has a new album coming. it’s called “Honest Living.” it is awesome. Also, he’s opening the Detroit date of Ska Is Dead, and Lindsay and I will be there with samplers and shit. Get stoked Michigan.
– the best of the worst also have a new album coming (in case you missed the last few posts here). The release shows will be in late November. We’ll be there too. 😉 Get stoked Long Island and New Jersey. ❤
– lots of cool stuff happening. sorry for the pretty constant slacking as far as updating this. when more stuff starts happening, i'll update more frequently.
– love you.

❤ aaron.