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new best of the worst album release postponed.

November 27, 2009

SORRY if you have been sitting at your computer waiting! i’m sitting at a rest stop in new jersey, because this was the first place i could find internet.

here’s the deal. the mixing and mastering on the album isn’t totally done yet. the engineer doing it could have put a rush job on it, but everyone decided it would be a terrible idea to compromise quality to meet a deadline, and i couldn’t agree more. the good news is: the album will be released sometime next week, not a million years from now. also good news: the guys put up a new song on their myspace to hold everyone over until the whole thing is released.

listen here:

so long story short, sorry for getting you all excited, but it’ll be worth the wait… and you can still be excited. 🙂

❤ Aaron.



November 23, 2009

repost this please!!

here’s the image address:

love you.
❤ Aaron


Honest Living Review

November 10, 2009

Jeff Sullivan of Hearing Aid Music did a review of Matt Wixson’s new album “Honest Living.” Thanks Jeff!

You can read it here: []

“This is a well written album, with little bullshit, and if there is any, it’s sprinkled with cheeky, ironic humor. It’s tired, depressed and it’s mature.”

In other news, I believe Lindsay uploaded the rest of the Ska Is Dead Detroit pictures! See them here: []

Also, start getting stoked for The Best Of The Worst’s new album coming before the end of this year!

❤ Aaron.


Matt Wixson and Ska Is Dead IV

November 9, 2009

This weekend, Lindsay and I took the train to Michigan to go see Matt Wixson and Green Room Rockers open the Detroit date of Ska Is Dead IV.

What an awesome show. Every band was great, and good times were had by all.

If you were in the crowd at any point during the night, you probably got your picture taken by Lindsay. She only got a chance to post about half the pictures before we got back on the train, but you can find those here: []. The rest should be up within the next few days or so! Add Lindsay on the old F-book and tag yourselves.



Honest Living

November 3, 2009

I voted for mayor, school committee, and town council today. Did you?
If not, you should probably download Matt Wixson’s new album, and listen to it on the way to the polls.

New Matt Wixson full length, “Honest Living.” Comparable in instrumentation to Best Intentions. If you love Matt Wixson (you do), then you will love this. Downloadable TODAY for free/donation in the “FREE MUSIC” section to your right.

Track Listing:
1.) Funny Little Feeling
2.) Wherever I End Up
3.) Stand Tall
4.) I Ain’t Marching Anymore
5.) John Train
6.) The Two Commandments
7.) Norris/Hannity ’09
8.) Noble Masses
9.) But What’s The Point?
10.) Can’t Won’t Change
11.) Difficult Lie
12.) Dub Train

Liner notes are available at Matt’s [myspace page], and are ALSO included in the downloadable zip file.

Noble Masses and John Train are my favorites. 🙂


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