Happy Birthday Matt Wixson!

December 20, 2009

As you may have figured out by now, today is both Babylon Party Machine Day, and Matt Wixson’s Birthday.

Send birthday wishes here: http://www.facebook.com/mattwixson

Today, we’re (re)releasing Babylon Party Machine’s debut self-titled LP, and releasing two brand new BPM EPs, entitled Mash Up Bashment, and Copyright Infringement. Click the covers to download (you might only be able to download one at a time, so be patient!).

Liner notes available on the BPM Myspace. (but not until around 3am, because that’s when Matt gets home from work)


Babylon Party Machine – Babylon Party Machine LP
Track Listing:
1. Booting Sequence
2. Babylon Party Machine
3. Snakes On A Plane
4. Guns Of Navarone
5. Attention Whore
6. Die Oma
7. Fortune Cookie
8. Take Ya, Break Ya
9. Shit
10. The Legend
11. Humpback Mountain
12. Spider Invasion
13. New York Looking East
14. History of the Babylon Party Machine
15. Take Away
16. This Is The End


Babylon Party Machine – Copyright Infringement EP
Track Listing:
1. Where Are We Going To? (I Voted For Dancing Mix)
2. Meltdown!
3. Breaklight Manifesto
4. All I Wanna Do
5. Live Forever (Dance Forever Mix)
6. King of Myspace (featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry)
7. Conflictions (featuring Charles Manson)


Babylon Party Machine – Mash Up Bashment EP
Track Listing:
1. Punker Face
2. The Lolocaust
3. Single Ladies Got My Number
4. Did It All For The Reggae
5. No More Fire
6. Never Have Enough Money
7. Satta Bottle

Hope you enjoy!

❤ Aaron.

One comment

  1. I came here to see if you ever posted anything new to this site. I then noticed that you have 8 tracks listed for Mash Up Bashment. “The Slengtenga” was cut from the release haha.

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