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January 27, 2010

Josh Tracy made this video from the semiformal. Thanks Josh. ❤


Hey everyone

January 21, 2010

Haven’t posted in a while, so I figured I’d just let you all know what’s up.

The Best Of The Worst are taking over the world.

This Is A Stick Up’s tour was cut short by sickness, van troubles, and terrible weather. But don’t worry, they should be making up missed tour dates in March. They’ve got some new merch, and it can be found in their MERCH STORE. More details on that can be found on their myspace. Also, they are working on new material for a new release. I’ve heard a couple of the songs live, and they’re great.

Paranoia Dance Party is still recovering from the robbery, but have every intention of doing some good touring this year. New material in the works possibly as well?

Matt Wixson is coming up on five years of playing shows pretty soon, and will be doing a weekend in New England in the beginning of april, followed by a weekend in New Orleans at the end of april. Try and make it down to the Community Records Block Party if you can, it’s going to be great!

Atlas The Atom Smasher finally has some listenable demos. they are up for stream or download on their myspace. Lots of big plans in the works, so we’ll see how it pans out.

Informant is working on a split record with A Billion Ernies from California. That should be coming out on Community sometime soon.



is in the works right now. We’ve got a date, a venue, some of our favorite locals, tentatively around nine touring acts, a last show ever, and maybe even a record release. Guess what. It’s going to be awesome. I will post more details VERY soon.


I’m pretty excited for what this year has in store. I hope you are too.

❤ Aaron