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A WarAgainstSound

February 26, 2010

So this is pretty cool.

March 25th, 2010, we’ll be releasing a brand new EP by A WarAgainstSound all the way from the UK! I had been into this band before, but was turned on to them once again because of a free compilation i downloaded from the Ska Mutiny Records website. AWAS can essentially be summarized as a technical skacore band, with jazz, punk, hardcore, and ska influences. Personally, I’d say their music is for fans of: Early Thrice, Safety, and at times, maybe Infamous Jake & The Pinstripe Mafia? But of course that’s just me. Decide for yourself, friends!




February 16, 2010

Aaron Hibbert – Cages (2010)
1. Do Without It
2. Vienna
3. Memorize The Sky
4. Skin
5. Cages

So I finally finished that EP I’ve been talking about forever. Enjoy!


Feel free to spread the word. haha



February 12, 2010

Check out this Paranoia Dance Party interview.