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March 25, 2010

Hey guys.

Today, we’d like to welcome A WarAgainstSound to our family. AWAS is a nasty progressive/melodic punk outfit from Blackburn, UK, and I am extremely stoked to be able to release this EP for them. Today also marks the beginning of their UK tour, so if you live over there, make sure to check out the tour dates and make it to a show or two or five…

Anyway, I’ll cut the small talk. Here’s the EP. And as always, while you’re here, MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL THE OTHER BANDS!

A WarAgainstSound – Eat The Elite (2010)
1. My David Cameron Is The Taker
2. Crocodile Dundee’s Peacock T.V.
3. Insight Is The 2nd Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me
4. I’ve Been Punk Rock Since 1842
5. Fuck This, Fuck You & FUCK Your Fanzine
6. Filter

Thanks ❤



March 2, 2010

1. Hey, so I made a separate page for Disasterfest so I don’t have to keep cluttering up the blog page. it’s over there —————–>

That said, we recently made the first lineup announcement. So excited about this.

2. The Disregardables are doing a short tour at the end of march to retrieve their equipment from Boston. They still need some help with a couple dates, so feel free to head on over to their page and see if you can help them out!

3. Most/All of the bands are talking about studio time / new releases pretty soon.

4. Community Records’ Block Party is set for Saturday, April 17th. They’ve announced the full lineup already. TFT is playing. Can’t wait.

5. Lastly, come March 23rd, I will be flying down to San Diego to meet up with some of my favorite west coasters A Billion Ernies. This is kind of old news, but I guess I never actually said anything about it here. I’ll be playing filling in for Koob on tenor saxophone for ABE’s two-month US tour. We will be hitting a whole lot of the United States, so if you get a chance, come out and say hi! I’ll have my computer with me, so if anyone wants some free music, bring a blank cd or a flash drive. 🙂

❤ Aaron.

And in case you missed the last post, MARCH 25TH we will be releasing a new EP by A WarAgainstSound from the UK! Check them out, they're brilliant.