March 25, 2010

Hey guys.

Today, we’d like to welcome A WarAgainstSound to our family. AWAS is a nasty progressive/melodic punk outfit from Blackburn, UK, and I am extremely stoked to be able to release this EP for them. Today also marks the beginning of their UK tour, so if you live over there, make sure to check out the tour dates and make it to a show or two or five…

Anyway, I’ll cut the small talk. Here’s the EP. And as always, while you’re here, MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL THE OTHER BANDS!

A WarAgainstSound – Eat The Elite (2010)
1. My David Cameron Is The Taker
2. Crocodile Dundee’s Peacock T.V.
3. Insight Is The 2nd Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me
4. I’ve Been Punk Rock Since 1842
5. Fuck This, Fuck You & FUCK Your Fanzine
6. Filter

Thanks ❤

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