April 23, 2010

jesus pigeon

Sup fartmouths, this Joe from the best of the worst, Aaron is on tour right now with A Billion Ernies so I am updating this site for him. PEE PEE SHIT PEE PEE PEE SHIT SHIT SHIT PEE PEE!

We got some cool new things happening over here that we’d like to share with you. But first off apparently everyone had an amazing time at Community Records’ Block Party, which had a ton of sweet bands on it. Props to anyone in the area who helped make such an awesome time happen. For us northerners or people who missed out, we got Disasterfest in Massachusetts to look forward to on July 24th featuring some sweet bands. Check out the button on the right for the lineup as of now…and rsvp on facebook!

As far as the scoop with some of the open hand bands, we’re all up to some neat-o things. If you live in Canada expect the motherfuckers in TIASU to be knocking down on your doorstep because they’re planning on storming the north on a few dates on their sumer tour. PDP and TBOTW will also have some dates up in different places so be sure to check back occasionally.

This is a Stick up just put up 2 new songs on their myspace you should check them out at http://www.myspace.com/tiasuofficial. These songs are gonna be on a split 7 inch record with TBOTW. We’re putting 2 songs from Calling From the Grave on it and it’s gonna be available at all of our shows and online once we get everything together.

TBOTW is in the studio right now, well not right now like this very moment, but you know what I mean. We’re actually almost done recording somehow so expect a new song up soon?? Hopefully hahaha. Those two new songs are gonna be on another split with our friends in the Tomahawk Chop from Long Island, NY. (http://www.myspace.com/thetomahawkchop). We’re also gonna be on a skamutinyrecords UK triple threat split with two other bands…check out this awesome fucking artwork:

holy shit!

We might have a new track on here too so expect some new TBOTW jams soon for real.

The Disregardables are coming out of a little break they took so go to their myspace and get ready for some updates!

Myspace is like dying and shit so stay in touch with us on facebook!

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  1. Good job, Joe! This is almost readable!

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