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Paranoia Boredom Party

June 1, 2010

Hello fellows and ladies. It’s Tyler from Paranoia Dance Party! I’m sitting here on a Monday night/Tuesday morning, quite unentertained. So I figured, if that chump Joe Scala can post a personal ramble on our beloved record labels website, then I can as well! I bet Aaron forgot he gave me the info harharhar… Anyways, for those of you who care, Paranoia Dance Party has had a lot going on lately as usual. The Summer tour is almost completely booked, and it’s looking awesome thus far. Check out our Myspace page for the dates. On the front of new music, we have quite a bit of it for you. Our first full length album is nearing completion writing wise, and I gotta say, the songs really put the EP to shame. I’m not gonna go into a rant and tell you something like how br00ding and d33p the new stuff is, or how it is unlike anything you have ever heard, nor am I gonna give you a estimated release date, as we our selves don’t even know such details. The most I will say is that we are looking to record sometime near the end of the year, so bear (no not bare. BEAR! like the animal. Didn’t you see the picture?) with us.

Enough shameless self promotion, now time for other Open Hand Records news!

The Best Of The Worst are starting to write more material in the vein of KISS and Michael Bolten. They are gonna be playing a bunch of shows with us this summer so check out their myspace as well.

This Is A Stick Up has decided to quit music in general and persue a collective career in Riverboat gambling. I wish them the best of luck.

The Disregardables are deep in the works of their next album. A Skacore Opera entitled ‘Chex: The Life and Times’

Matt Wixson looks more like Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island than ever.

There you have it. Cold… Hard… Facts…