July 13, 2010

Sorry for the brevity of this post, but I will do a full update on OHR sometime in the coming week. For now, enjoy Matt Wixson’s latest “joint”: Odds.

Odds is a best-of style collection of mismatched and misfit songs, but despite my amusement, Matt wouldn’t call it Keasbey Nights Two. Matt explains everything in this [blog post].
My favorite tracks: Good American, Double Agent, Perpetual Emotion Machine, and Low Standards.

Matt Wixson – Odds (2010)
1. The AV Club
2. Surely YOu Can’t Be Serious
3. Good American (Folkin’ Version)
4. Double Agent
5. Perpetual Emotion Machine
6. You’ll Do
7. Jack’s Good Mood
8. Gaytheist
9. Mr. Ruff and Tuff
10. Very Old Man
11. The Harder They Come
12. Wretched Me
13. Low Standards
14. The Times They Are Remainin’
15. The Man I Killed
16. Mexico
17. The Pancake

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