April 30, 2011

Just too confirm the rumors going around, there will not be a Disasterfest this summer. However, what you SHOULD do, is check out all of the bands that would have played it anyway, since most of them are touring this summer (probably near you / definitely in new england).

Chris and I have enjoyed the hell out of the last two years of Disasterfests. We’ve both put in a lot of our time, effort, and money, to something that we felt was worth it, and I feel like the end result was beyond what I could have hoped for. However, the harsh reality is that gas is really expensive (especially this year). Bands drive thousands of miles in the summer, and need to break even on some level, otherwise touring becomes an impossibility. Having a one-off fest (like Block Party in New Orleans, or The Fest in Gainesville) would be cool, because people would be able to work, and make money, and save up for what would be more of a weekend trip than a tour stop. But bands tour in the summer, and when you have between six and eight touring bands all coming to the same place at the same time, tours start to overlap, guarantees are compromised and compromised again, and band funds diminish greatly, as was the case last year. Now, I would be totally down with having Disasterfest be a one-off show that people travel to, but being in New England, summer is the only real time the weather would be agreeable for something of this nature, and as we all know, summer is the only real time most DIY bands are able to tour.

Another thing I was unhappy with regarding Disasterfest, was that there were so many touring bands, that I was unable to accurately showcase the awesomeness of the local bands of Massachusetts (and CT), solely due to time constraints. When all was said and done, I had room for maybe four or five local bands (one of which was obviously going to be my band), and both years, we had at least one drop off last minute. There are obviously much more than five good local bands in Massachusetts, and I feel like Disasterfest was almost a disservice to our local scene in that sense.

What I am planning this year is to have a bunch of smaller shows throughout the summer to accommodate all the bands who are still touring to New England. And each smaller show will give me an opportunity to showcase different locals who are working hard to make a name for themselves in the scene that has treated us all so well over the years. I’m not expecting anyone to travel great distances for these shows (as they did with Disasterfest), but since these tours are going all over the place, nobody will really have to. It’s a great opportunity to represent your own area, and your local scene, by showing up to these shows and supporting the touring bands, no matter where you live.

Shows we’ve got so far include:

6/26 – Paranoia Dance Party!, Atlas The Atom Smasher, Fugue, & more @ The Dirty Douglas in Lowell, MA


7/2 – A Billion Ernies, Caddywhompus, Atlas The Atom Smasher, & more @ The Raven in Worcester, MA


Shows we’re still working on setting up:

Informant, The Best Of The Worst, This Is A Stick Up, and a few more.

Thank you all so much for all of your support over these past few years.

I love you all, and hope that I can make something bigger and better happen next year for you all.




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