Disasterfest 2010 Recap / Pics / Thank Yous

July 30, 2010

First off, wow. What a weekend.

This past weekend, July 24th and 25th, 2010, was a weekend full of friends, family, and fun. From California to Florida to Michigan to New Hampshire, friends from all over the country came together for a weekend of awesome times. Special thanks to Hector, Steve, Jay, and his brother for driving out from Michigan just to attend both shows. Your support is greatly appreciated. I also want to point out that for both dates, people drove up from New Jersey (Gabe, Kyle, I don’t even know who else, but thank you), Mary and Rory came from PA, and Markie, Mickie, Nick, and Weezle came from New Hampshire. So awesome. It fills my heart with joy that in our second year doing this, and in OHR’s second year in existence, people cared enough to make the trip. This is the type of thing that makes me feel that we must be doing something right.

Also, extra props go out to This Is A Stick Up for getting to the Connecticut show after having their van break down two separate times between the two shows.

Lastly, Chris Morrill and Jacob Raccuia. Without these two wonderful individuals, neither of these shows could have happened. Find them both on facebook, and thank them. Chris and Jacob got the venues in Massachusetts and Connecticut (respectively), and had a huge part in making each show run as smoothly as it did. I couldn’t have done either show without them, and they deserve a lot of credit. So thanks guys.

Here are some pictures that lindsay took before her camera broke. You can see the rest by adding her on facebook.

Paranoia Dance Party:

This Is A Stick Up:

Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus (plus special guests):

Atlas The Atom Smasher:

Fatter Than Albert (now with Andy):

Lindsay’s camera broke at the MA date. These are from Emily Byram (thanks Emily!). The rest of her pictures can be found here:

The Best Of The Worst (Folly Cover f/ Tyler Rosenberg of PDP, and Robbie Allen of TIASU):

Stuck Lucky:

Tyler Healey crowd surfing during A Billion Ernies:

These pictures and more can be found on facebook and various other places. Please don’t e-mail me asking for pictures, I will hate you.

Wendy Dennis of the Wakefield Unitarian Universalist Church had this to say after day 1:

Thanks to every who came – you brought donations to the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry and raised funds that willl go to both the food pantry and to the church to the church’s building fund to help keep our building in good shape and available for more concerts and other community events. And, thanks for taking good care of our historic building!

All in all, I think for the most part everyone had a wonderful time. And that makes me super happy. If Disasterfest happens again next year, I hope to see some familiar faces, as I’m sure it will be even more awesome.

Thank you everyone involved for making this weekend a great one for me and all of my friends.

❤ Aaron Hibbert



July 13, 2010

Sorry for the brevity of this post, but I will do a full update on OHR sometime in the coming week. For now, enjoy Matt Wixson’s latest “joint”: Odds.

Odds is a best-of style collection of mismatched and misfit songs, but despite my amusement, Matt wouldn’t call it Keasbey Nights Two. Matt explains everything in this [blog post].
My favorite tracks: Good American, Double Agent, Perpetual Emotion Machine, and Low Standards.

Matt Wixson – Odds (2010)
1. The AV Club
2. Surely YOu Can’t Be Serious
3. Good American (Folkin’ Version)
4. Double Agent
5. Perpetual Emotion Machine
6. You’ll Do
7. Jack’s Good Mood
8. Gaytheist
9. Mr. Ruff and Tuff
10. Very Old Man
11. The Harder They Come
12. Wretched Me
13. Low Standards
14. The Times They Are Remainin’
15. The Man I Killed
16. Mexico
17. The Pancake


Paranoia Boredom Party

June 1, 2010

Hello fellows and ladies. It’s Tyler from Paranoia Dance Party! I’m sitting here on a Monday night/Tuesday morning, quite unentertained. So I figured, if that chump Joe Scala can post a personal ramble on our beloved record labels website, then I can as well! I bet Aaron forgot he gave me the info harharhar… Anyways, for those of you who care, Paranoia Dance Party has had a lot going on lately as usual. The Summer tour is almost completely booked, and it’s looking awesome thus far. Check out our Myspace page for the dates. On the front of new music, we have quite a bit of it for you. Our first full length album is nearing completion writing wise, and I gotta say, the songs really put the EP to shame. I’m not gonna go into a rant and tell you something like how br00ding and d33p the new stuff is, or how it is unlike anything you have ever heard, nor am I gonna give you a estimated release date, as we our selves don’t even know such details. The most I will say is that we are looking to record sometime near the end of the year, so bear (no not bare. BEAR! like the animal. Didn’t you see the picture?) with us.

Enough shameless self promotion, now time for other Open Hand Records news!

The Best Of The Worst are starting to write more material in the vein of KISS and Michael Bolten. They are gonna be playing a bunch of shows with us this summer so check out their myspace as well.

This Is A Stick Up has decided to quit music in general and persue a collective career in Riverboat gambling. I wish them the best of luck.

The Disregardables are deep in the works of their next album. A Skacore Opera entitled ‘Chex: The Life and Times’

Matt Wixson looks more like Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island than ever.

There you have it. Cold… Hard… Facts…




April 23, 2010

jesus pigeon

Sup fartmouths, this Joe from the best of the worst, Aaron is on tour right now with A Billion Ernies so I am updating this site for him. PEE PEE SHIT PEE PEE PEE SHIT SHIT SHIT PEE PEE!

We got some cool new things happening over here that we’d like to share with you. But first off apparently everyone had an amazing time at Community Records’ Block Party, which had a ton of sweet bands on it. Props to anyone in the area who helped make such an awesome time happen. For us northerners or people who missed out, we got Disasterfest in Massachusetts to look forward to on July 24th featuring some sweet bands. Check out the button on the right for the lineup as of now…and rsvp on facebook!

As far as the scoop with some of the open hand bands, we’re all up to some neat-o things. If you live in Canada expect the motherfuckers in TIASU to be knocking down on your doorstep because they’re planning on storming the north on a few dates on their sumer tour. PDP and TBOTW will also have some dates up in different places so be sure to check back occasionally.

This is a Stick up just put up 2 new songs on their myspace you should check them out at http://www.myspace.com/tiasuofficial. These songs are gonna be on a split 7 inch record with TBOTW. We’re putting 2 songs from Calling From the Grave on it and it’s gonna be available at all of our shows and online once we get everything together.

TBOTW is in the studio right now, well not right now like this very moment, but you know what I mean. We’re actually almost done recording somehow so expect a new song up soon?? Hopefully hahaha. Those two new songs are gonna be on another split with our friends in the Tomahawk Chop from Long Island, NY. (http://www.myspace.com/thetomahawkchop). We’re also gonna be on a skamutinyrecords UK triple threat split with two other bands…check out this awesome fucking artwork:

holy shit!

We might have a new track on here too so expect some new TBOTW jams soon for real.

The Disregardables are coming out of a little break they took so go to their myspace and get ready for some updates!

Myspace is like dying and shit so stay in touch with us on facebook!



April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools Day, y’all.

Babylon Party Machine brings you another mash up album. Featured on this one are: The Toasters, Ludacris, Sonic Boom Six, Green Day, Big D, and that girl from Hannah Montana, among a few others. (my favorite is the ludacris one)

Babylon Party Machine – Tricks (2010)
1. 2-Tone Freak
2. Highrise Robbery
3. How Low Can You Dance
4. Rider Boy
5. Supaman That Grandma
6. Shining Little Skallywag
7. The United States Green Party

Matt Wixson (the man behind BPM) will be playing a bunch of shows in New Orleans, New England, and Michigan in the coming month (some featuring a full band), so make sure to get out to a show and give him all your money!

head on over to:
for more info!



March 25, 2010

Hey guys.

Today, we’d like to welcome A WarAgainstSound to our family. AWAS is a nasty progressive/melodic punk outfit from Blackburn, UK, and I am extremely stoked to be able to release this EP for them. Today also marks the beginning of their UK tour, so if you live over there, make sure to check out the tour dates and make it to a show or two or five…

Anyway, I’ll cut the small talk. Here’s the EP. And as always, while you’re here, MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL THE OTHER BANDS!

A WarAgainstSound – Eat The Elite (2010)
1. My David Cameron Is The Taker
2. Crocodile Dundee’s Peacock T.V.
3. Insight Is The 2nd Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me
4. I’ve Been Punk Rock Since 1842
5. Fuck This, Fuck You & FUCK Your Fanzine
6. Filter

Thanks ❤



March 2, 2010

1. Hey, so I made a separate page for Disasterfest so I don’t have to keep cluttering up the blog page. it’s over there —————–>

That said, we recently made the first lineup announcement. So excited about this.

2. The Disregardables are doing a short tour at the end of march to retrieve their equipment from Boston. They still need some help with a couple dates, so feel free to head on over to their page and see if you can help them out!

3. Most/All of the bands are talking about studio time / new releases pretty soon.

4. Community Records’ Block Party is set for Saturday, April 17th. They’ve announced the full lineup already. TFT is playing. Can’t wait.

5. Lastly, come March 23rd, I will be flying down to San Diego to meet up with some of my favorite west coasters A Billion Ernies. This is kind of old news, but I guess I never actually said anything about it here. I’ll be playing filling in for Koob on tenor saxophone for ABE’s two-month US tour. We will be hitting a whole lot of the United States, so if you get a chance, come out and say hi! I’ll have my computer with me, so if anyone wants some free music, bring a blank cd or a flash drive. 🙂

❤ Aaron.

And in case you missed the last post, MARCH 25TH we will be releasing a new EP by A WarAgainstSound from the UK! Check them out, they're brilliant.